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Rainforest Scented Candle Collection
Eucalyptus & Lavender


Inspired by the beauty of Australia’s lush & leafy rainforests, these elegant mini soy candles bring together a delicate fusion of Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Lavender┬áthat releases a distinctive uplifting & energising aroma for a soothing aromatic pick-me-up. Made from 100% soy wax, each candle burns up to 20 hours to enhance an uplifting aroma in your home, or wherever you are in the world.


3 x Rainforest Scented Candles 70g/2.4oz each

Remove all packaging prior to use. Trim the wick to 5mm before lighting to ensure a clean, smoke-free burn. Be careful to check that the wick is centred in the liquid before blowing out the flame. Discontinue use when 10mm of wax remains.

Cautions: Do not place the candle near flammable sources & drafts or directly on a glass or marble surface. Never leave a burning candle unattended or within the reach of children & pets. Do not move when lit, or while wax is hot. For indoor use only.

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